Shoulda, coulda, didn’t: 001

I know this article has been done and seen by everyone but I love the project and want to review it again. I looked into it many years ago and wanted about it then but I had no blog. I have one now so.. although it is old news – it is still a very fresh idea.

“One man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. But New York City’s garbage, well, that’s art.” says Justin Gignac on his website NYC Garbage. in 2001 Justin started New York City Garbage as an experiment in the importance of packaging. Justin has special edition version of NYC Garbage including New Years Eve at Times Square, Opening Day at Yankee Stadium and many others. Over 8 years, Justin has sold over 1200 cubes of New York trash globally. He continues to sell original cubes for $50 a pop while special editions will run you $100. I would honestly love to receive one as a present and wouldn’t at all feel ripped off. Buy one here.

While I’m on topic:

Created by New York couple, Justin (talked about above) and Christine, the site is called Wants For Sale and the idea is that they paint the items they want and sell the art for the exact price of what they want. Looking over the site, they seem to have had great success. Not only have they received press from sources like the New York Times Magazine, but most of their paintings have actually been sold.

“Cooking Lessons” priced at $220.00 (Couples class at I.C.E.)

Chia Pet (Pig) prices at $23.70


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